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I am Songwriter and Composer. I write lyrics and compose music for both Female and Male artists in all tempos in Pop, Rock, R&B, and Dance. I have a collection of 81 professionally recorded songs (54 for Female and 27 for Male Artists). I also compose the music for the movies. Two of my songs: BROKEN DREAMS and ALONE are featured as part of the movie: Unfit Misfit, by 3 Angels Power Inc. a movie company from Canada. The last year a spin off movie: Summer Rewind and they have featured my songs in the movie as follows: Summer Rewind (theme song); EMOTIONS, IT IS TIME; THE STRONGEST ALWAYS SURVIVE; THE MIDNIGHT HOUR; MOONLIGHT ROMANCE (Instrumental); I'VE TO GO (Instrumental). For the movie Summer Rewind, also, I have composed the background music for the movie.

ABBA, Beatles, Elton John, Maddona
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This is a song about all those famous people who are struggling to cope with the life after all their fame has gone.
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