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Singer, guitarist, award winning published songwriter with more than 4 decades in the business of music, Martin Weller is still working hard to build a reputation as a dynamic solo artist performing a mix of original songs and other classics.

His blend of passionate vocals, soulful and rock acoustic guitar styles are demonstrated on his catalogue of recordings including his first solo album 'Gobshite' (2013), plus 'Live in America 2013' as well as hit singles ‘Crush’ and ‘Meaning of life’.

To hear and see him at his best you have to experience him 'live' – no backing tapes!

Martin also enjoys success with top bands: pop/punk outfit BobKatZ, party band 'Big 'Ed & The Red Rockers and The Kniks who play his own compositions as well as other classics from The Kinks, Weller & The Jam.

Martin has performed with some of the best in the business: Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Peter Frampton, Clive Frampton, Dean Friedman, Chris Slade, Huw Lloyd Langton, Counterfeit Stones, T-Rextasy, Wizz Jones, Benny Gallagher, Lucie Diamond, Isaac Guillory, Clive Gregson, Leanie Kaleido, Skinny Molly, Lara Conley and more, and confidently offers the best in professional live music entertainment.

A charismatic performer Martin says his biggest kick is “keeping an audience entertained”.

For more information e-mail call call 07932 121266

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If it ain't one thing_22.12.13 by Weller. Feat. Phil Treby, Richard Glazebrook, Dave Hare

Martin Weller
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