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Hi, I'm Kim Nicolaou an Ex-Rock musician that later went into Management & Producing. I'm Producer/Host of #KimStyleTv and I'm always looking out for 'something different'.  The traditional music business is dead. Currently aspiring music professionals cannot rely on the old label system to further their career, find qualified projects to work, and collaborate with great songwriters and producers. We Must Change The Status Quo. Indies & Unsigned artists need a place where they can showcase their music, network, sell & promote their professional database, as well as correlate with other like minded musicians and artists. The #KimStyleTv Community platform using the powerful #FatsaFatsaProfile allows you to do all that including One On One chat, share ideas between members in all areas of various Industries, creation, production, marketing and distribution. Contact 'The are no guaranties, but everything is possible.'

indie, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Steve Miller Band, James Brown
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#KimsVideoWall - The $5 Dollar Deal For Unsigned Artists

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This is for Promotion of The Artists Works through our #KimstyleTv Show presented By Kim Nicolaou
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