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Jeff Dbury
@jeff-dbury • 4 years ago • comments: 0
Jeff Dbury
@jeff-dbury • 4 years ago • comments: 0
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Workin Man Blues


Jeff Dbury
About Jeff Dbury

Independent musician, song writer, and classic rocker Jeff Dbury writes, records, and performs all of the instruments and vocals on all of his original songs. Originally a drummer playing in many different bands over a course of 25 years, Jeff also plays guitar, bass, piano, and keyboards. Writing songs through out his 25 plus year career of being a drummer, Jeff started recording his own songs of which he performed all of the instruments and vocals on back in 1999 and is what he is still currently doing at the present time. Jeff recorded his first two CD's between 1999 and 2001 but were never released to the public and only available through personal contact. Following the recording of his second CD "BackStreet Rocker" in 2001, Jeff fell away from the music scene for a number of years due to personal issues. In the summer of 2009 Jeff once again picked up his instruments and began work on his third CD "Love Of The Game" and released it to the public via Reverb Nation, under his own independent record label ROK Records. Two more CD's would follow, "Lost In The City" (2010) and "Lightning Strikes" (2012) which were his first two world wide public releases and are still available on iTunes, amazon.com, and many other online retailers. Since returning to the independent music scene, Jeff has done interviews and has been featured in the internet rock magazine "Chaotic Riffs Magazine". Jeff is also co-host of an internet radio talk show "Rock Talk" with Chaotic Riffs Magazine's journalist Jason Houston. Jeff also produces his own music videos which are available for viewing on his YouTube channel. Jeff continues to write, record, and produce his own music and videos in his own unique style and claims he will keep on rockin until there is no rock left to roll.

Old School Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Blues, Old School Pop
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