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Common Name Problems

Category: Comedy
Duration: 00:01:40
31/03/18 21:13:37 @fatsafatsatv:
Bloody Funny. Dig this Dude!
31/03/18 17:01:53 @halloumitv:
Here's a 2nd Clip that I find very funny. He does have many but I can't link them all. Hopefully he will in time.
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About HalloumiTv

HalloumiTv is an Everything of Why Not Greek/English oriented Tv.
It can have all the elements of your normal Tv with a twisted tongue-in-cheek sarcasm added to spice it up a little.

Videos from viewers, pictures, news bits, taking part in the 'Freedom of Speech' without hurting anyone and getting us arrested. Otherwise we would be put in jail and the Halloumi will be no more.

The word Halloumi is from the Cypriot white cheese that is made on the Island of Cyprus and just like the over 40 year Turkish Military Occupation that has not been solved, neither the 'rights' to the Halloumi.

Hopefully we will get experts live on air to tell us a few things about it.

Meanwhile enjoy the fun music program's and the New Cypriot and Greek Artists we would love to promote, if they don't feel embarrassed by HalloumiTv.

More to come when I think of something:-)

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