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10/10/18 14:54:45
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KimStyleTv will allow it's Pro Members and Special Members to Advertise on their #KimStyleTv page and KEEP the money they CHARGE their Advertisers. KimstyleTv takes $10.00 Per Ad Per Week.
Explanation: You can place Ads on your profile page and charge 3rd party persons what you think is an ok price, let's say One Ad @ $50.00 per week. That will earn you around $200.00+ per month of which you pay KimStyleTv $40.00. That leaves you with $160! That's more than Royalties!
You can place 4 Ads on your Profile Page depending on your Quota and as we say, charge what you like.

See Pic (Ads FAQ 1 and Ads FAQ 2)
The Ad in FAQ 1 placed Centre and on your Timeline can easily go for $50.00+

This means, that to earn such money, you need to create Traffic, as we explained, to make YOUR Profile Popular.
It all starts with a 'LINK'

Ads FAQ 1.jpg
Ads FAQ 2.jpg

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