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Welcome to #KimStyleTv.  I want to encourage you to go to your profile, if you haven't and get your #KimstyleTv/profile photo uploaded so that you can be rotated into the featured spotlight on the front page.  It's important if you have videos on YouTube, Vimeo or other places to Link them to your Profile under the Youtube, and Vimeo menu on your profile.  Do the same with your Soundcloud.  Your profile area is like your very own web site but MUCH MORE POWERFUL. If you are having any problems feel free to contact us and we'll get you some help.  A key thing to remember is that when you put your stuff up on your profile, your clients do not get whisked away to another site by your links. They stay right there for you to sell your stuff to. Your #KimstyleTv/profile area is like your very own web site. When it's ready, your #KimstyleTv/profile, you would give 1 Link > 1 Click! That would bring your Fans or Guests to YOUR profile where YOU can do many things, most importantly create TRAFFIC for you not others. This in turn helps the adds you will have earn you money! Also, with your media and #KimstyleTv/profile here I and others can Air you, Link You, spot you and can even Interview You. Think about it, it's logical and effective.

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Traffic Ensures Advertising/Sponsorships which are Created by Clicks on Links = $$$

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Traffic Created by Clicks on Links = $$$
Although this is covered elsewhere in FAQ I will break it down for you as this is VERY IMPORTANT if you want to make MONEY using your #KimStyleTv Profile. 1 Link > 1 Click is one of the bases of #KimStyleTv.

What YOU and Others Do: (Pic 1)

1 > YOU (when you want to POST something on YOUR Social Profile Facebook or 'other' you'll do it with a Link. A Link you spent time looking for. Example: You like a Video on YouTube and want to SHARE it. Either you take the LINK or SHARE Direct (2)
2 > Link of YouTube is Posted
3 > 29 Friends or 'others' (Click Like, proof of response to the POST. What we don't know is if they 'ACTUALLY' went to YouTube. If they did, then you CREATED TRAFFIC for FB and YouTube (4)
4 > Clicks on 2 go to 4 (YouTube)

And YOU? You get nothing out of it and if you say it was YOUR video, you'll still won't get ANYTHING near talking about, unless you have 1000 Subscribers and lots and lots views! You can EARN more from KimStyleTv.

What I Do: (Pic 2)

1 > Link (YouTube)
2 > Import Link into my #KimStyleTvProfile > YouTube
3 > Take Link Provided by my #KimStyleTvProfile and Post it on my 'other' Social Platform such as Facebook. Or......
4 > Below the actual YouTube Post that I created are many Social Share Buttons See Pic 2 Here
5 > 29 Friends or 'others' (Click Like, proof of response to the post. What we DO KNOW and can check is by going to that very same Post (See Pic 3)

So, as long as you inport the LINK to YOUR #KimStyleTvProfile > Create the Post > get the LINK (URL) created by KimStyleTv and POST that or SHARE that, it will ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOU!
Just Like a BOOMERANG!

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