FatsaFatsa Tv Monday September 24 2018, 3:25 PM
FatsaFatsa Tv

Connecting People & Their Jobs Socially & Professionally including Promoting Unsigned Artists & Spinning the tunes others refuse to Air. Everyone deserves a chance - after the chance is given, it's up to the individual. If you believe you got Talent, let me see & hear it! By submitting your Media files or info here you give me (Kim Nicolaou) the rights to BROADCAST & PROMOTE (under my discretion) Light tongue-in-cheek show without 'Taboos' touching all aspects of the Music Industry including current 'life' affairs with live interviews where possible. Fatsa Fatsa Tv Show will promote, make known and offer advice (to those who can still hear & listen) what better way to move on. All this with light sarcastic twisted humor possessed by Kim Nicolaou. No offence will be intended and nothing said or shown is 'personal'. Only participate if you have love and an open mind within yourselves. Post as you wish & Speak Freely.