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Goldy Radio
@goldy • 2 years ago • comments: 0
Posted a new YouTube video:
Olivers Mount Mix


About Goldy

Founder and owner of 

Goldy Radio

Lover of music and all around nice guy. Always listening to new and exciting music, and supporter of talent of all genre.


Established in 2015, I expanded from providing musical entertainment on a 3D chat site, to opening the Radio station online to the public. I am a CAD designer and texture artist creating many online items for 3D chat sites and have always loved Music, often referred to as The Language of Love.


Computing since late 1980's, I have grown a moderate set of abilities, and am always looking to improve them.


Freinds call me Goldy, enemies call me whatever they like so long as they can run fast :)


I have a favourite quote that serves me well in life;

True happiness is not to get what you want, It is to want what you already have.