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How To.......FAQs

Everybody at one time or another feels like they need some 'HELP' with what they're not sure of. Although there is plenty of FAQ's listed to give you ANSWERS to your QUESTIONS, there could be that 'something' we have overlooked.

Therefore send an email with DETAILS to SUPPORT:

Replies within 2 working days.
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Advertising on YOUR Profile

How To.......FAQs

KimStyleTv will allow it's Pro Members and Special Members to Advertise on their #KimStyleTv page and KEEP the money they CHARGE their Advertisers. KimstyleTv takes $10.00 Per Ad Per Week.
Explanation: You can place Ads on your profile page and charge 3rd party persons what you think is an ok price, let's say One Ad @ $50.00 per week. That will earn you around $200.00+ per month of which you pay KimStyleTv $40.00. That leaves you with $160! That's more than Royalties!
You can place 4 Ads on your Profile Page depending on your Quota and as we say, charge what you like.

See Pic (Ads FAQ 1 and Ads FAQ 2)
The Ad in FAQ 1 placed Centre and on your Timeline can easily go for $50.00+

This means, that to earn such money, you need to create Traffic, as we explained, to make YOUR Profile Popular.
It all starts with a 'LINK'

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Traffic Ensures Advertising/Sponsorships which are Created by Clicks on Links = $$$

How To.......FAQs

Traffic Created by Clicks on Links = $$$
Although this is covered elsewhere in FAQ I will break it down for you as this is VERY IMPORTANT if you want to make MONEY using your #KimStyleTv Profile. 1 Link > 1 Click is one of the bases of #KimStyleTv.

What YOU and Others Do: (Pic 1)

1 > YOU (when you want to POST something on YOUR Social Profile Facebook or 'other' you'll do it with a Link. A Link you spent time looking for. Example: You like a Video on YouTube and want to SHARE it. Either you take the LINK or SHARE Direct (2)
2 > Link of YouTube is Posted
3 > 29 Friends or 'others' (Click Like, proof of response to the POST. What we don't know is if they 'ACTUALLY' went to YouTube. If they did, then you CREATED TRAFFIC for FB and YouTube (4)
4 > Clicks on 2 go to 4 (YouTube)

And YOU? You get nothing out of it and if you say it was YOUR video, you'll still won't get ANYTHING near talking about, unless you have 1000 Subscribers and lots and lots views! You can EARN more from KimStyleTv.

What I Do: (Pic 2)

1 > Link (YouTube)
2 > Import Link into my #KimStyleTvProfile > YouTube
3 > Take Link Provided by my #KimStyleTvProfile and Post it on my 'other' Social Platform such as Facebook. Or......
4 > Below the actual YouTube Post that I created are many Social Share Buttons See Pic 2 Here
5 > 29 Friends or 'others' (Click Like, proof of response to the post. What we DO KNOW and can check is by going to that very same Post (See Pic 3)

So, as long as you inport the LINK to YOUR #KimStyleTvProfile > Create the Post > get the LINK (URL) created by KimStyleTv and POST that or SHARE that, it will ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOU!
Just Like a BOOMERANG!

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Like + Deslike Buttons

How To.......FAQs

1 > Green Thumbs Up (Like)
2 > Number Next to the Right of the Like Button (Click To See 'WHO' Liked Your Post)
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Business Profiles (small or large)

How To.......FAQs

Let's say your'e a Hairdresser, you will create a Profile Account as if it was your Personal Account (Pic1). The difference between having one here than elsewhere, for one, everything you've got all over other platforms such as FB, YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and others can be 'LINKED' and accessed through your page. This means you only require 1 Link which = 1 Click.
The #KimStyleTv is centre if you wish as it is a Picture-in-Picture Player, as it's always on (LIVE) and YOU can DRAG it ANYWHERE. Also you can access the studio via SKYPE and go LIVE with the DJ and talk about YOUR business. Hey, everyone now days is CONNECTED to the Net. Create banner adds for your site and EARN Advertising revenue, or we can create small video clips to advertise your business throughout the day's show. It's ALL possible.
You just NEED to decide that: “The first step towards a change and moving on, is to decide that you’re not going to stay where you are right now.”

1 > All Members INPUT to #KimStyleTv (all Audio, Video, YouTube and so on)
2 > Your Profile Biz Name
3 > Your Profile Pic
4 > All the Tabs along that line are YOUR access points to Timeline (Status Updates), Gallery (all your Pics) + much more
5 > Your Images (easy access)
6 > Suggestions Who To Follow + Green Icon is Your Followers
8 > Live Tv continuous Feed of #KimStyleTv (watch Music Video, Chats, Update News and you too can PARTICIPATE Live via SKYPE or use the CHAT to the Right of your #KimStyleTv page)
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Landing Page KimstyleTv

How To.......FAQs

(PIC 1)
1 > Landing Page (KimstyleTv)
2 > (To The right of Kimstyletv name) The 'About' tab visible (Red Rectangle)

(PIC 2)

1 > Sign-Up (Click)

(PIC 3)

1 > Chose Username/e-mail
2 > Password
3 > Click 'Login' (Red Arrow)
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Home/Timeline Page of KimstyleTv (Right Hand Column)

How To.......FAQs

The Right Hand Column changes throuout as you go from Tab to Tab. This section is when you're on your Home/Timeline Profile Tab

1 > Followers (usually below 'who to follow' is a List (pics) of YOUR FOLLOWERS.
2 > Find New Music (search Engine to find Profiles/Music similar to your Taste. Example: If you're looking for Music/Musicians similar to Beatles music you'll type Beatles)
3 > Likes (as it implies, all you're LIKES are here)

1 > Followers (Click)
2 > Followers Page (Here you'll find ALL your Followers and their DETAILS)

1 > Rating Box
2 > Rating Star (there are 5 Stars # Rating - you chose how many you'll RATE)
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Home/Timeline Page (Right Hand Column)

How To.......FAQs

The right hand column of the Home page of KimstyleTv contains 'Who To Follow' , 'Groups' and the latest 'Forum' threads.

Who to Follow
The Who To Follow section show you recommendations of other profiles of KimstyleTv that you can check out and decide to follow if you like.

In KimstyleTv, all profiles timeline updates show up on the main activity timeline on the sites Home page. When you follow a profile, you can see JUST the profiles status updates that they have made and you have made on your /timeline section of your profile.

So if your profile name is 'two' and your profile url is, then fatsafatsa/ will show every profiles status updates, but will show the activity timeline entries you have posted yourself AND the entries that people you follow have posted. (This is only for you when you are logged in though, everyone else who visits will only see the posts you have made.)

Summary: = All activity items profile_A )/timeline = ( for visitor ) profile activity only profile_A )/timeline = ( for profile owner ) own activity + Followed activity

1 > Who To Follow (suggestions of similar Profiles)
2 > Groups (Groups to Join/Create/Comment)
3 > Forum (all kinds of News, Updates, FAQ, Points of View and Support)
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Video (In-House) Tab (CREATE 2)

How To.......FAQs

We continue from Video (In-House) Tab (CREATE 1). This is the Lower Part of the Creation Form

8 > Video Text (explain what your video is about)
9 > Price (put a Price on it if it's for SALE)
10 > Share Activity (Share the video to Various other Social Platforms including your friends)
#PLEASE TAKE NOTE: By SHARING DIRECT from your account the Video, the LINK will DIRECT it BACK to you. Hence YOU create TRAFFIC for YOU.
11 > Bundle Only (click this if you want to Sell your video with 'other' products 'together', not as a 'single' item.
12 > Share To Timeline (if you want to share this Video Post on YOUR Timeline)
13 > Create (Save your creation)
14 > ? (click here if you require more HELP.
## In ALL the FORM filling @ FatsaFatsa there is a grey Box with a ? mark within it (#14) in this case. Always situated to the right. Clicking on the ? a box opens with the RELEVANT info to help you move on. This is a FatsaFatsa STANDARD.
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Video (In-House) Tab (CREATE 1)

How To.......FAQs

Let's take a look at how to UPLOAD a Video to your Profile. Click the tiny icon + to the Right of your Video Page

1 > Create New Entry (List of Prior entries and you can use an entry again. The New entry will appear here too)
2 > Tittle of Your Video
3 > Album Tittle
4 > New Value (if this is diffrent Album then it requires a NEW Name. Place it here)
#The same applies if it's a diffrent 'Genre' (#6) or Video Category (#7)
5 > UPLOAD your Video File
6 > Genre (style of video - Rock - Music - Reggae)
7 > Video Category (if it's Funny - Humane - Cooking - Animal)
14 > ? Click here if you need more HELP

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