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@fatsafatsatv   2 months ago
Francis Lachance is not a member of #FatsaFatsa and I didn't ask him to be. Clearly it's not a massive Platform as yet but it can be. It needs People that are fed up with the norm (FB) although you don't need to leave such platforms to be on here. You can 'use' them as they use you to your benefit. How? Ask me if you can't find the info. Anyway, I linked Francis's track from YouTube to my #Fatsaprofile because I like it and to prove a point. See the pic of the plays from YouTube and #FatsaFatsa just from shareing it on FB. If one had a #fatsaprofile you would benefit with traffic and earn Advertising money as well as other 'pros'.
@fatsafatsatv   6 months ago
A very talented guy, Francis Lachance, who has a lot of history tucked under his belt. Comes from Canada and apart from composer, Producer he is also a multi instrumentalist. I like this track and what I hear is that he will re-record this track and some others to release a long awaited Album. This demo was done in 2015. Get back to you with more info soon.