Yes, I'm AHEAD! Where are YOU?
Wednesday June 19 2019, 3:12 PM
Yes, I'm AHEAD! Where are YOU?

Should we dislike the 'Like' button?

Today, 19th-June-2019, the BBC Business has the following article based on the 'Like' button and how we depend on it and how much it has changed our lives.

On the 26th-Oct-2018 I posted the Pic you see above, although I had been runtin' about it years ago. FB is a a form of Drug and let's face it, it's taking up so much of our life hours! Yes, I propose my own Social/Business Network of which I keep putting it forward to you, but it is different. Very different. Our communication is Visual, Audio and with the 'Like' button we have a 'DISLIKE' button to balance. FatsaFatsa (Face2Face) will eventually pick up as most of the FB users will be 'robots'.

Read the BBC article, don't just take it from me. Ooops! It just occurred to me, most of you don't read - but you can click on the Article which will take you to a 'Like' or 'dislike' button.

BBC Article below with Link:

Leah Pearlman draws comics about ideas like "emotional literacy" and "self-love". When she began posting them on Facebook, her friends responded warmly.

But then Facebook changed its algorithm - how it decides what to put in front of us. When social media is a big part of your life, an algorithm change can come as a shock.

Leah's content was being shown to fewer people, and her comics started to get fewer likes.

"It felt like I wasn't getting enough oxygen," she told "It was like, 'Wait a minute, I poured my heart and soul into this drawing, but it's only had 20 likes.'"

It's easy to empathise. Social approval can be addictive, and what's a Facebook "like" if not social approval distilled into its purest form?

Researchers liken our smartphones to slot machines, triggering the same reward pathways in our brain.