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EyesCream (DEMO)
About EyesCream (DEMO)

A brand new place for cosmetics in beauty artistry. 

For her and him, from head to toe. Like every book has its own story, our story starts from the passion and love that we have for beauty care and specific professional products, that are so unique on their own.

You will probably think why “eyescream”? The answer is easy. Our business background has to do with frozen yogurt, so the sound of the word has a double meaning. “Ice cream”, like our business background and “eyescream” like “eyes” - for make up, eye shadows, eyebrows, eye creams, eye masks, eye lashes and “cream” – for all the kind of creams and cosmetics you will need, from head to toe.

Our motto is simple. Love of beauty is taste and the creation of beauty is art!

All our years and experience of beauty know-how come down to this synchronized store and our goal is to keep you satisfied with the best quality of products and the best prices

With our professionalism we will keep you up to date with high quality brands from all over the world!

- eyescream - for synchronized beauty! 

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