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Alain Barriere Ma Vie

album: Spanish Various 001
genre: Latin
streams: 19

Alain Barriere   Ma Vie
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Ethnic Music
About Ethnic Music

The're many different types of music that is heard everywhere nowadays. This is called Ethnic because it is a collection of Music and Video from all over the World.

Traditional (Ethnic) music can be considered as the history and culture of a nation. Throughout history music was one the sources of entertainment and it remains today, every nation had it's own style of music, thus nowadays traditional music varies and it can be heard in segments or loops in todays music.
International music is spread and it is particularly popular among adolescents. Music is one giant industry in the entertainment sphere, thus artist's try to broadcast their music globally.
There are many genres of music and they seem to be uncountable, therefore it is a fact that people listen to different music genres, as tastes differ. Genres spring up daily like mushrooms as a few bars or a small repeated loop from Latin America can easily change the Genre of a typical Pop song created in the UK. It can explain why international music is popular everywhere.

Ethnic Traditional and International music can be found here - there are no boundaries. Enjoy and if you seek a piece in particular, feel free to post in the comments or email.

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