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Leila Tatianna Xavier was born on the beautiful Caverdian islands on the west coast of Africa. Being the 2nd of eight children made Leila take the role as a leader and mother figure to her siblings, and would lay the foundation for the person she is today, a strong, smart, caring and motivated individual.

In time, Leila would relocate to Boston where she enrolled in school and worked two jobs to help take care of her family. Although now immersed in a new country, culture and language, Leila overcame these obstacles to grasp opportunities in real estate, including owning a restaurant.

The success of her business ventures allowed Leila to express her true loves; travel and philanthropy. This led to the formation of “LTX Travel,” a vacation booking website, where people are served not only through saving money, but also by the experience of beautiful and exotic places which delight the senses.

With all that Leila had accomplished, there was still more. She searched for a forum to share her experiences and goals with other positive minded women. To her disbelief, there was no outlet that fit such criteria. The next step was easy…Leila created “Divas With Voices,” a blog site for women to express and share their knowledge with fellow divas.

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