Hi, I've been away for a while due to health but now 'I'm Back'. I would like to make contact with 'Followers' and 'Following' to get moving again and, in doing so, update you all on the 'Updates' concerning #FatsaFatsa
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Just going over some old posts I did, since I'm recovering and not allowed to use more than my typing finger, way back on #FatsaFatsa I linked a superb song by Francis Lachance from YouTube which at the time had about 61 views as opposed to 140 on #FatsaFatsa . 9 months on, the song has 96 views on YouTube as opposed to 333 on FatsaFatsa! Also, please see JPG in the comments below, it has 40 Shares!
If #FatsaFatsa is actually used as it was designed to, you UNSIGNED Artists would be getting around more and EARNING some money for your TALENT.
Unfortunately people sign-up, don't even bother to upload a Profile pic and expect the world to lick their arse. That's not REALITY.
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