• KimStyleTv Overview

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    The New and improved KimStyleTv is designed to be a social/business Platform where the main focus is the activity timeline and the Live KimStyleTv.

    It contains one main timeline on the home page where all profiles can add to their own timeline directly from the main page of the site.

    KimStyleTv uses the Url Scanner module to create 'cards' for the timeline to turn normal website links into more interesting content.

    The intention is for members to read the timeline, interact with KimStyleTv and, when they see content that interests them, they can follow that profile to get just the content they are interested in into their own timeline feed.

    Closed Community

    KimStyleTv is intended to be a closed community where you need to join to see whats going on.

    The top page of the site is very different for users who are logged in vs users who are logged out.
    What Non-Registered users see:
    2 Create AccSign Up.jpg

  • Register Get A Profile

    After Registration you need to do the 'BASICS' that you would wherever you Register. Here is no exception except 1 Rule in the Registration process. Any Profile without a Picture/Avatar will be DELETED within 24hrs!

    So, if you've uploaded your Pic's it should look something like this:

    KimStyleTv On Guitar.jpg

  • Left Hand Column

    In the left hand column of the skin are 3 sections, the top most one contains all your Profile info, the second one Trending and the last one your profile Stats .

    The profile info in the top section is of your home page profile. Who is following you, who you are following and how many status updates you have posted to the timeline.

    The Trending section shows the movement of hashtags. When a status post is posted that contains hashtags #KimstyleTv

    KimstyleTv  Left Hand Column 3 sections.png

  • # Hash Tags Posts

    The image below was created with a status update that contained just hashtags # and the youtube url:

    FatsaFatsa - TRENDING section (2).png

    You could have added a message in there too if that was desired. The youtube url is turned into its youtube video player, the hashtags # are turned into clickable links that will find all other status posts that have also been tagged with the same thing.

  • Introducing KimstyleTv

    KimstyleTv (Last Registration You’ll Ever Need)

    Boptunez Records-UK have merged with KimstyleTv:
    The world of Music, Small and Medium business and the Public have all been looking for that place where they can organize all that ‘Represents’ them under one unified system. A system that can be ‘massive’ but is actually like a little village where everybody knows everybody.
    Look No Further. Welcome to KimstyleTv
    This is NOT a platform just for Musicians or just for business as it is also a Social Platform. Without the Public, Musicians, small/big business it could not exist. This is a Platform that requires All of You.
    Every single member will have the power to achieve their personal goals and not like other Platforms where one is asked to ‘pay’ for a connect. Here, if ‘Active’ one can be found by all different kind of collaborators. FREE!
    It is a Closed Community where you need to join to see what’s going on and it is a LIVE Platform as it Broadcasts Live continuously. There’s a direct connection via Skype to the Studio for chat and interviews.
    You do not need to leave your other accounts such as FB, Soundcloud, Linkedin, BandCamp, Reverbnation, Twitter, CD Baby and many more.
    You can connect your accounts and use them to create ‘TRAFFIC’ to your #KimstyleTvProfile
    KimStyleTv On Guitar.jpg
    And, if you are interested in making money (see Pic Below) then contact us and we'll guide you through the "Money-Go-Round" project. No other Platform allows it's users/members to place 'banner' adds on their Profile page!
    Ad Banner on KimstyleTv Profile.png
  • About KimstyleTv

    Registration and What You Get

    Basic Member Registration is a profile that contains Timeline, info, updates, photos, shows/events, stats, friends, fan-base, Blog, videos and 100MB of space, FREE!

    Pro Member profile contains info, updates, photos, Blog, shows/events, stats, friends, fanbase, links, videos. Digital and Merchandise selling of your products. Distribution. Participation on the AUDIO/VIDEO KimstyleTv Charts (Landing Page), to be on the KimstyleTv Show. Take part in competitions with valuable prizes. Possibility of being a FEATURED Artist as well as Artist of the week with LIVE interviews on the KimstyleTv Show! Take part in the Community Forum.

    We also have a "SPECIAL" Membership on Demand. There are more than the above including adding 4 Extra Profiles associated with yours. Great for Indie Labels/Managers and small business.

    Indie and Unsigned artists need a place where they can showcase their music, network, sell and promote their professional database, as well as correlate with other like minded musicians and artists. The KimstyleTv Community platform using the powerful #KimstyleTvprofile allows you to do all that including Face2Face chat, share ideas between members in all areas of various Industries, creation, production, marketing and distribution. KimstyleTv is open to everyone as well as Artists, Publishers, Producers, Management, owners of large sites with groups and those seeking to expand their professional network. There is a forum to keep abreast of the latest issues and trends facing the music industry and all associated with it.


    Are you Creative? An Artist, filmmaker, musician, broadcaster, performer, photographer, organiser, service provider, make up artist, studio, recording engineer, promoter, designer, screenwriter, writer, burlesque performers, dancers, magicians, comedian, dj,  social media, marketing, publicist, crew, journalist, PA company, Lighting, poet, magician, comedian, designer, model, dancer, actor, painter, web designer, audio engineer, fire eater, performer manager,industry lawyer, distributor, cd duplicator, radio plugger, label, agency, product supplier, venue and such other qualified professions we've not listed?

    JOIN US.

    Do you belong to MORE than one Network, pay them money and do the Donkey work for them? Stop!

    Join Us.

    Kimstyle MoneyGoRound.jpg

    Look at the picture & if it makes sense to you come & join us here https://fatsafatsa.com/


    This site 'may' contain copyrighted material the use of

    which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright

    owner. Such material available may be used in our efforts to advance

    understanding of music, broadcasting, radio presentation, etc. We

    believe this constitutes a fair use of any such copyrighted material as

    provided for in Section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

    In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml.

    If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond fair use , you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

    If any material is 'yours' please provide the necessary proof, contact our support and ask for it to be 'taken down'

  • Home/Timeline View After Login

    Once a user logs in, then they see the actual main page of the site. It is an activity timeline with content that has been added by other users. 

    KimStyle Home Page.png

  • Top Main Page (Left-Centre-Right)

    Let's Look At The Centre:

    On our platform everything is profile-centric, so each profile would have its timeline on their

    FatsaFatsa - Top Page Centre Column (TIMELINE).png 'OWN' Profile.

    KimstyleTv brings that 'posting' location to the front of its design. Thus, the Timeline feed is given the main stage. It is the focus of the site continually Live in Real-time just as KimstyleTv.

    Users can post a status update to their timeline directly from the front page of the site for everyone to see. The timeline on the front page of the site is a feed of everybody's timeline at the same time.

    This is great for building a community since the newest topics are always right at the top.

    When a Member posts to the main timeline it will also appear on their individual profile timeline on their profile too. So if you want to see JUST what one person has posted, view their profile.

    If you also have Youtube , Soundcloud , Vimeo, our Media Url Scanner will turn those pasted URL's into the video or audio players directly on the timeline. No need for 'anyone' to have to be re-directed. It's immediate and right in front of you!

  • Quick Share Options

    2 Ways of Adding and Creating

    1) The normal way to add something to your profile and to your profile timeline in KimstyleTv is to go to your profile, then to the section you want to add to, be it Audio , Video , Youtube or whatever, then click the + ( create ) button to add new media.

    During the creation process you have the option of 'Add to Timeline'.

    This process will still work the same as it always has, but now the NEW KimstyleTv  brings you Quick Share directly from the main timeline of the site.

    Now you don't need to leave the top page of your site to share new items to your profile. 

    The Quick Share buttons allow you to add new Audio new Video and new Galleries directly from the status update box.

    FatsaFatsa - Like-Share-Comment.png

    By using the Quick Share icons found below the status update box you can upload audio or video or gallery images which will then be saved to your profile as well as displayed on the timeline.

    FatsaFatsa - Quick Share-Upload Content 2.png

    Once Uploaded you simply click on 'Save Update The uploaded images will show an upload progress bar in your staus update area while the images are uploading, then once they finish uploading save the update to display them on the timeline.

    FatsaFatsa - Quick Share - Uploaded Images 3.png

    On KimstyleTv there is NO limitations on 'Sharing'

    Sharing YOUR Soundcloud Tracks.jpg

  • Main Page Centre (Like-Share-Comment)

    On each of the entries in the timeline, you have the Like It and Comment buttons, you will see those options just below the timeline entry. Members can use these buttons to interact with the items that have been added.

    FatsaFatsa - Like-Share-Comment.png

    When a member shares this, it will appear on their own activity timeline in their profile and all followers will receive an update.

    So, if it is incredibly busy, you will still keep up with the people you follow.

  • Posted New Updates

    Anybody viewing the main timeline (centre) while new status updates are posted by others will see a notification at the top of the timeline that there are new updates. Clicking on that link will refresh the page so the new timeline updates can be seen.

    The #1 is New 'Follows', equivalent to 'Friends' on other platforms.

    The @ sign means you have been MENTIONED

    Posted New Updates is #2

    FatsaFatsa - Top Right of Page (Followers-Mentions-Feedback).png

  • World Wide

  • Get FEATURED on KimstyleTV

    To be 'FEATURED' on KimstyleTv's Video Wall, that's Landing Page Live Tv, you need to get yourselves in The Top #10 Chart that's also on the Landing Page https://fatsafatsa.com/

    How? Visitors and Users will do their bit but, be Active and get friends, lovers and neighbours to visit YOUR Kimstyle.com/kimstyle profile page.

    Then it's all down to 'clicks'. Our motto 1Link 1 Click. Clicks create Traffic and Traffic brings in the Advertisers of which YOU can EARN directly from your page.

    Featured on Show TvScreen.jpg                   Featured Top 10.png

  • Top Right of Page

    Followers, Mentions, Feedback

    Along the top of the skin in permanent view are 3 icons, these are Followers , Mentions and Feedback .

    FatsaFatsa - Top Right of Page (Followers-Mentions-Feedback).png

    When you are logged in, if you see red numbers appear in this area it means that other users have performed actions that relate to you. The first is Followers . When a red box with a number in it appears here, it means that someone has followed you. Equivalent to 'Friend' on other platforms.

    They have clicked the 'Follow +' icon on your profile and will now get your timeline posts to their timeline reader so they can keep up with what your posting. Similar to how Twitter works.

    Follow who you are interested in.

    When a Follow happens, that follow is noted in the activity timeline on the main page for all to see.

    The 'Follow +' button is also visible on this activity card so other users may choose to follow that profile too.

    Only users who follow each other are able to use the Private Notes system ( Pro Members Only ) to privately message each other.

    FatsaFatsa - When A 'Follow' happens.png

  • Mentions

    A Mention is when one user adds someone else's profile name prefixed by an @ symbol to the timeline or forum or other location. The owner of that profile will receive a notification in their Mentions notifier.

    FatsaFatsa - When a 'MENTION' happens.png

    The message contains the profiles name preceded by an @ mark so that user will be notified when the status update is saved.

    Since there is a URL in the status update the writer of the update gets to see a website card for that URL before the update is saved.

    FatsaFatsa - Post-Mention with YouTube Video Link.png

    Because its a Youtube url and the Youtube module is enabled, the card will be converted into the actual url, so it can be viewed from the timeline.

    The profile owner of the @two account will receive a notification in their Mentions notifier immediately which when clicked will take them to the timeline update they were mentioned in.

    Anyone can mention anyone else, you don't need to be following them for this functionality to work.

    The Feedback notifier will alert you when anyone comments on things you have posted to your profile. So if you posted a blog and someone commented on your blog, that would trigger the Feedback notifier to light up.

  • Right Hand Column

    The right hand column of the top page contains Who To Follow , Groups and the latest Forum treads.

    Who to Follow
    The Who To Follow section show you recommendations of other profiles in the system that you can check out and decide to follow if you like.

    All profiles timeline updates show up on the main activity timeline on the sites home page. When you follow a profile, you can see JUST the profiles status updates that they have made and you have made on your /timeline section of your profile .

    So if your profile name is 'two' and your profile url is site.com/two, then site.com/ will show every profiles status updates, but site.com/two/timeline will show the activity timeline entries you have posted yourself AND the entries that people you follow have posted. ( This is only for you when you are logged in though, everyone else who visits site.com/two/timeline will only see the posts you have made.)

    site.com = All activity items
    site.com/ ( profile_A ) /timeline = ( for visitor ) profile activity only
    site.com/ ( profile_A ) /timeline = ( for profile owner ) own activity + Followed activity

    FatsaFatsa - Right Hand Column.png

  • Groups

    The Groups section of the right hand column shows a random group from the site. Groups can be used to hold group discussions and pages about a specific sub-topic of KimstyleTv.

    Right Hand Timeline FollowGroupsForum.jpg

    The list under the Forum section will show the latest forum topics posted.